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The Panera BAGuette is sold out, head to Panera for more deliciousness including NEW Toasted Baguette sandwiches available now nationwide.

Foodies, meet fashion!


Introducing the BAGuette from Panera, the ultimate accessory designed for both the fashion aficionado and the foodie, crafted with a generous extra touch to sit at the intersection of style and function.

Zoomed in angled view of Panera BAGuette
Back view of the Panera BAGuette with the strap raised
Detail shot of Panera BAGuette metal closure
Front view with Panera BAGuette flap open to show inner lining
Zoomed in detail shot of front right of Panera BAGuette with strap raised

All this talk of baguettes making you hungry?

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Two people at a Panera Bread store checking out while holding their Panera BAGuettes in their hands